1. Feb 15, 2014, Tricia’s  Birthday

    BURLESQUE!  At The Edison in Downtown L.A.. Classiest club I’ve been to.  The girls were gorgeous and tasteful.  Their outfits were cute too.  Their specialty drinks were not best IMO, but were alright.  $14/drink though—not cool.  Still a fun time though.  I went with Tricia Turton, her boyfriend Chris Vezzuto, Brittany Piscatella, Catilin Kirkpatrick, and David Cape.  They were an awesome crowd.  I got pretty tipsy that night.  Tricia and Brit got hit on by like some 50 year old dudes.  I’m ont even sure I’m exaggerating.  I had to rescue them after I had enough entertainment.  I think Brit is really cute.  We have a lot in common too.  But my heart’s taken.  And I’m thankful for its occupation :)

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