1. I’ve learned that Hell is just the absence of God,
    All darkness and no light.
    But there is no word for your absence.
    Lonely, vain, idol, perhaps? 
    I’ve been walking the world mute unable to tell a soul
    How much I love you.
    My heart has acclimated to your deafening silence
    So that I hear your laughs, cries and songs everywhere I fall.
    My vision is distorted—one eye sees the present and the other
    the past—deceiving me to believe that you’re really standing there in front of me, even though the hues are as though a child tried coloring on black-filled sections and outside the lines.
    I don’t even know what mercy looks like anymore.
    So what do I call this?  What do I call a life that was but is no more?
    I can’t even recognize where I am to make an effort to escape.  Like a sinner who’s found refuge in Hell contemplating its concepts and existence.
    Hope is frail, but I believe in love and resurrections; and so I’ll continue to water these dead flowers of ours.




  4. Breathing

    When I inhale, I hope.
    My blood cells, hope-rich, move my heart to purpose with thoughts of reconciling with you.
    Then I exhale, ridding myself of poisonous regrets.
    For one split second, I am empty and at rest, but also sad and absent meaning.
    But then I think of you,
    and my chest expands yet again.

    I’ve done this 13,109,760 since you left.

    761, 762, …

    come back.


  5. Today was a sad day :’(

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  7. poeticallyundead:

    I wish I could tell you
    I love you
    I need you
    I’m a fool for
    I wish I could pull your body
    against mine
    feel your weight
    your heat
    your pressure
    against me
    I wish I could kiss you
    taste the sweetness of your lips
    I wish I could touch you
    caress your skin
    inhale your scent
    sit in your presence
    I wish we weren’t separated
    by distance
    by time
    by plagued minds and restless hearts

    I wish I could go back
    and relive those moments
    savor every lively beat of my heart
    remember what it feels like to be happy
    remember what it feels like to be home


  8. I’m not a huge a fan of Vegas, yet I find myself there 2 - 3x / yr.


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